Lovecats offer a Premium cat sitting service, and wanted a website to back this up. The client had a really clear idea of the target audience for the website, but did not know how to create a website that matched.

We worked very closely with the client to build a clear, user-friendly website that gave the visitor confidence. The website is optimised for mobile phones as a lot of visitors were looking out of hours on mobile devices.

The website has achieved number 1 listing in Google for the main keywords, and continues to drive new enquiries on a daily basis.

Jane G.

I had a really clear idea of the message and target audience for my website, but had no knowledge of how to brief a website designer. Steve and the team were great, they were very patient and spent time to give a lot of good suggestions in terms of how best to achieve the website I wanted.

I have had a lot of positive feedback from clients, and I have recieved an overwhelming number of new enquiries through the website. I would even say the website gave me the foundation for my whole business!